Oh, Brave New World

I’ve taken on the massive task of turning Auldous Huxley’s A Brave New World into a series of sequential illustrations. Right now I simply have piles and piles of concept art. Once it all starts making sense, you’ll be the first to see the results.

Here are some of my early ideas for Lenina Crowne:

The beginnings of her soma holiday at the reservation:

Here’s some sciency stuff to balance out her inherent nature:

1 Comment

  1. Anonymous said,

    August 4, 2012 at 11:46 am

    Brave New World P 13. — ” One could see that, for all the lupus and the purple eyes, she was uncommonly pretty. ” She is also described as having coral teeth. (A result of the red light she is in for most of her day)

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