Hello November

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and somehow I have not managed to update my blog yet this month. I am sorry. Here is a page from my sketchbook to break my artistic silence.

Featured above is my purse, a stapler, and a calculator depicted in pen, marker, and colored pencil. Sketchbook Saturday lives!

Also, I’ve recently revamped my Etsy shop for the upcoming holiday season. For the first time I am selling prints of my plein air paintings. Take a look.

Mr. and Mrs. Hill

The following piece is a commissioned drawing of a couple.

Portrait of the Hills. Colored pencil on matte board. 9″x12″.


Some preliminary sketches for the piece:

Flamingo in the Kitchen

The title says it all, really.


“Flamingo in the Kitchen.” Colored pencil on paper. 9″x9″. 2005


Fruit Cocktail

A still life with a rooster, a lily, a pinecone, and some fruit. Done in Prisma Color on paper.


Fruit Cocktail. Prisma Color pencils on paper. 24″x18″.

Unframed: $125.00

Babes in Toyland

I am currently the set designer for Haddon Field Plays and Players‘ production of Babes in Toyland. Here are some of the concepts I am working to flesh out.

Mother Goose Land:


The old woman’s shoe house:


Spider Forrest tree:




Sample from costume page:


Super Sentimental Sunday

Awwww, look at college Jen being artsy! This is a self portrait done my first year at SCAD. Unfortunalty, this piece is not for sale due to damage taken during one of my many moves. A little insider info here, I made the hat myself. It also is life sized!

Self Portrait with Feather . Colored Pencil on Paper.  12″x36*. 2002.


Second Tree from the Right

This is to go with First Tree from the Right.

Second Tree from the Right. Watercolor and colored pencil on canvas board. 8″x10.”

Framed: $60.00

Unframed: $45.00

First Aceo

This is my very first ACEO. The only requirement for this type of collectable art is it be the size of a playing card.

Dainty and Pheonix. Ink, watercolor, and colored pencil on paper. 2.5″x3.5″.



I’m doing a series of paintings for a party at work. Can you guess the theme?

I’m thinking I’ll stick to experimenting with ink, pen, and colored pencils. The vibrance is really making me happy right now.

Pretty Women

Today’s post is little different than my usual work, I know. Hopefully before the end of the week I’ll have a sweet up and running Etsy shop.

Rose Ghost. Ink and colored pencil on paper. 6.5″x11.5″.


Isabella’s Umbrellas. Ink and colored pencil on paper. 4.5″x10″.


Testing the Water. Ink and colored pencil on paper. 6.5″x11.5″.


Contact me if interested, I just set up Paypal.

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