Wednesday Night Football

I’ve been painting, but nothing is finished right now. Here is another drawing to satiate your Jen art hunger.

Footbal Five. Pen on paper. 14″x11″ (35.6cm x 27.9cm).

Unframed: $40.00

In Like a Goose

Sketchbook Saturday is back! Sorry I’ve been skipping these. Pages from my sketchbook are my favorite things to post, and I certainly have enough of them. I have no excuse.

Two More Mermaids

I finished two more mermaids today. October and February. I know I’m doing June and another month next. I’ll take suggestions if you want to leave them.

October.  Watercolor, pen, and ink on paper. 5″x7″.

Print: $10.00

Original: NFS

February. Watercolor and pen on paper. 5″x7″

Print: $10.00

Original: NFS

Oh, my Wawa coffee.

I know I missed a sketchbook Saturday last week. I am sorry. But guess what! This week I didn’t forget. Here you are. Nothing fancy, but thats why it is a sketchbook.

There will be twelve

May. Watercolor, ink, and pen on paper. 5″x7″.

Print: $10.00

Original: NFS

September. Watercolor, ink, and pen on paper. 5″x7″.

Print: $10.00

Original: NFS

It has been too long.

I hope this week will be the sole time I slack so much on this blog. I’ve been so busy with Etsy and Fiesta paintings. But excuses aside, it’s Sketchbook Saturday! Wooopeeee!

First Aceo

This is my very first ACEO. The only requirement for this type of collectable art is it be the size of a playing card.

Dainty and Pheonix. Ink, watercolor, and colored pencil on paper. 2.5″x3.5″.


X is for…

It is Saturday, and we all know what that means. Another sweet sketchbook posting!

Oh, and x is for xylophone. Didn’t mean to leave you hanging there.

Pretty Women

Today’s post is little different than my usual work, I know. Hopefully before the end of the week I’ll have a sweet up and running Etsy shop.

Rose Ghost. Ink and colored pencil on paper. 6.5″x11.5″.


Isabella’s Umbrellas. Ink and colored pencil on paper. 4.5″x10″.


Testing the Water. Ink and colored pencil on paper. 6.5″x11.5″.


Contact me if interested, I just set up Paypal.

Sketchbook Saturday!

Hey, everybody! Its sketchbook Saturday. Woohoo! This week’s sketch is from a large hallway at a local  college.  Work from my sketch book isn’t usually for sale, but we could work something out if you are really interested.

Long Hallway. Pen on paper. 5.5″x8″.

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