Eee I Eee I Oh

So far, I have drawn and tagged 114 of my Facebook friends. Posted below are my friends E through I.

I am quite surprised by the overwhelmingly positive way my Facebook portraits have been received. It is not that I didn’t realize people liked being drawn, but it is important to remember I have not asked permission to draw them. The responses have been encouraging, complementary, and over all very excited. The most frequent comment is people asking me to jump ahead to their letter.

A small sampling of the comments made on the images:

“Hey stranger Internet friend. Thank for drawing me.” -Adam

“Wow! I really like this idea, can I do it?” -Jess

“Thats about right.” -Brendan

“Thanks. I am wasted holding a shot with a paper crown on. :)” -Cassandra

“Wow, you should go to Disney World and be that person who sits under the umbrella and draws people 🙂 Very nicely done! Hope you are well.” -Courtney

“Jennifer you drew this?? I LOVE IT!!! OMG!” -David

“omg i love my picture!!! haha it’s so cute!!” -Heather

“well look at that” -Gary

The only negative feedback received wasn’t feedback at all. Two people have untagged themselves. They did not tell me why or comment on the photos.

At least four people have made my drawing their profile picture. Part of the point of this project is that once an image is posted on the internet, it is impossible to control or monitor what happens to it. I am doing what I can to keep track of the life of these images, but it is ultimately futile.

I’ve received quite a few friend requests from strangers since posting the drawings. One woman sent a note with her requesting stating she saw my portraits and hopes to be included when I get to the “L”s. Of course she will be.

Click to enlarge image.

Facebook friends A, B, C, and D.