The Story of My Bike

Most of my childhood was spent on a bike. In fact, cycling was my main mode of transportation well into my young adulthood. That changed when my bike was stolen almost a decade ago. I got my driver’s license at twenty-one, and forgot all about the joys of peddling a bike around town.

Not this spring! I have a bicycle again. More importantly, I have a drawing book dedicated to bike ride landscapes and nature explorations. I feel my biggest hurdle as an artist is drawing the world outdoors. My style is quite organic. Add the chaos of natural growth, and you get very hectic art. The goals of these drawings are to either embrace my unstructured tendency or expel it. This is a challenge I am truly enjoying.

Expect many more landscape drawings and paintings in the weeks to come. Every time I bike ride, I’ll try to contribute to my little book of nature drawings.

This first drawing is from last week, right before spring really hit. The foliage you see is simply dry leaves left over from last autumn:

This, drawn yesterday, is spring in its early glory. The blossoms on the tree were white, the shrubbery was mostly yellow:

Red and Black Doorknob

This Saturday’s sketch is of a doorknob. Enjoy:

Sketchbook Caturday!

Here is a page of quick cat studies from my sketchbook. Ink on paper.

Happy Saturday

Here is a sketch.

Red pen. Black pen. A view into my bedroom.

Rotary Phone

A small sketch of a friend’s kitchen wall.



In celebration of the upcoming new school year, here are a couple of  sketches from my substitute teacher days.



A Day at the Beach

A half buried shovel, a pair of flip flops belonging to the famous John Baccaro, and a Brigantine life guard boat. Results of a sunny day sketching at the New Jersey shore.



I Remember That.

This drawing was done at a high school graduation party I attended earlier this summer.  I was the weird adult sitting quietly and drawing the teenagers’ table. It’s OK though, because only other uncool grown ups like myself even noticed.


Velvet Eggs

A sketch of a round vase, velvet, and four eggs on a table.


Trip Disney World, Part 3

The most productive day of drawing was in Epcot.  I tried to get a good sketch from each country featured in Epcot’s World Showcase. Here are the last of the pages I’m posting from my recent Florida vacation.

Epcot World Showcase:










This is my favorite drawing in the book. China:




My Grandmother’s hands and bags on the ride home:


I realize these last three entries are more personal then I tend to get in my blog, but I’m very proud of my souvenier book. Thank you for taking a glance.

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