Window Duet

I sketched this while being serenaded by two strangers with acoustic guitars.


This is the first drawing in my newest sketchbook. It is beautifully handmade by Parkside Harmony.  I cannot wait to fill it up.

Fruit Cocktail

A still life with a rooster, a lily, a pinecone, and some fruit. Done in Prisma Color on paper.


Fruit Cocktail. Prisma Color pencils on paper. 24″x18″.

Unframed: $125.00

Sunday of the Past

A small pencil drawing.

Figurative Still Life.  Graphite on Paper. 3″x6″. 2002.


Scented Sunday

I remember very vividly the smells of many burning scented candles and oil paint.

Distance.  Oil on wood panel. 38″x24″. 2005

Unframed: $500.00

Time for an oil painting.

It is Sunday, so lets be nostalgic. I think this is the oldest oil painting I still keep in my portfolio. Before this one I knew I liked painting fabric, but I didn’t quite understand my passion.

Here are some details:

Still Life with Fabric.   Oil on canvas. 36″x23″. 2004.

Ready to hang: $500.00

Sentimental Monday?

I usually do this on Sunday, but lately I’ve been doing a lot of painting and not a lot of posting.  So, here are three older paintings on Monday instead of one on Sunday.

River. 26.5″x19″x2″. Oil on canvas.

Gallery Wrapped, framed, and ready to hang:  $700.00

Mountain.  25″x20″x2″. Oil on canvas.

Gallery Wrapped, framed,  and ready to hang:  $900.00

Cemetery. 14″x26″x2″. Oil on canvas.

Gallery Wrapped and ready to hang:  $600.00

All three: $2,00.00