Colorful Wake Up

The world is hazy when you wake from a day time nap. This ACEO tries to capture those first few momments of “where am I?” and “why am I?”


Bleary Eyed and Bushy Haired. Ink, marker, matte board, pen. 2.5″x3.5″ (6.4cmx8.9cm).


Oldest Watercolor

This is a very poor image of the oldest watercolor I can remember doing. I don’t know where the original painting went, so it’ll have to do. I probobly painted it 2002-ish.

Icecream Dream

I once had a dream about a peculiar icecream parlor.

prints available

Finished the Oil Painting

This is the first in a series of oil paintings I hope to apply to galleries with. It is currently not for sale. It is based on a dream I had about standing up. The last image is to give you the idea of its size.

It is painted improperly on top of a painting of my sister screaming I made in college.

So, in many years a

large screaming face will become visable in the space including the back of the chair and directly behind

the emerging white face.