Congratulations Joey and Stacey!

My cousin Joey just got engaged to his soul mate. He is very talented photographer. Please visit his page here. When I got engaged, Joey treated me to an engagement portrait session at The Grounds for Sculpture. Naturally, it was my privilege to use my creative skills in celebration of this event. If you’re interested in a custom watercolor engagement or wedding portrait, please e-mail me at or visit my Etsy shop.

Congratulations, Joey and Stacey! I wish health and happiness to you both.



Here’s an example of Joey’s work. If you’re looking for an engagement or wedding photographer in the New Jersey area, he’s your man.


Live Music

Nothing makes me want to create more than experiencing live music. Performance fills me with inspiration. Below is a drawing of my good friend Sean Breslin. Last Friday, he played at Grooveground. I was there, and so were a lot of my friends and family. It was a wonderful evening. Music brings people together in a way I’m not sure visual art can. If you get a chance, check out Sean’s music. Powerful stuff.

The Drawing of the Three

On October first, my husband and I threw a huge party celebrating our recent marriage. My sister Maria, my sister Brianna, and I got our hair done together. As the three of us are artists, we each drew a sketch while waiting for our turn in the seat. This is one of the very few blog posts that will include drawings I did not make. I am the oldest of the three. Maria is five years younger than I am. Brianna is ten years younger than Maria.

My drawing of Maria getting her hair done:

Maria’s drawing of me getting my hair done:

Brianna’s drawing of me getting my hair done:

These drawings are dear to me and are not for sale.

Meet the Lobstermens

I present to you Habee and Sophia Lobstermen.

Am I sure the model for Habee was a male and the model for Sophia female? No.  But Habee and Sophia can’t tell either, because lobsters don’t see gender. All they see is angry.

Habee Lobstermen. Ink on cotton paper. 5″x5″.

Unframed: $100.00

Sophia Lobstermen. Ink on cotton paper. 5″x5″.

Unframed: $100.00

Facebook Friends “A”

The internet is a big place. Social networking is a phenomenon. Everyone has a Facebook page. Friends, family, and strangers upload photos of each other with no regard for the individual’s rights to privacy. Once you post a picture on the internet, it is no longer yours. It is everyone’s.

Photos posted on Facebook can and will be used for every possible purpose: from keeping one from getting a desired job to prosecuting under aged drinkers to stalking. You do not know who is looking at your Facebook page right now. The internet is not private.

Please do not get me wrong. I am not opposed to social networking or having my photo posted online. I love twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn, and Facebook. It’s just, I know I have no control over any  image I upload to a website. I understand the dangers involved in posting information on the internet. I do not like these dangers, but I am aware of and accept them.

I am not sure every person posting pictures and comments on Facebook understands the implications. There is no privacy; there is no control.  That is the main theme to my next body of work.

I am going to draw every “friend” I have on Facebook.  Many of these people I haven’t seen in years. Some I’ve never met. While I am doing my best to draw flattering portraits, I have not asked permission to draw these people.

The drawings will be made strictly from photographs I have found on Facebook. Every drawing will be tagged initially. Should the subjects of the drawing choose to untag themselves, that is their right. The point is, I drew them. Without the subject’s knowledge, I spent time looking at his/her photographs. Then, I thoroughly analyzed and drew his/her face. All while he/she was off living life.  An image posted simply to entertain was used in a way never intended. That photo is now a part of my art. It is now mine.

Enough jabber. Here is every Facebook friend I have whose name begins with the letter “A”.

Click to enlarge image.

Once a Year

Last week, I was invited to the Romano/Pinto annual beach house karaoke night. These are the resulting gesture drawings. The most complete drawing is of the back of a seven year old girl wearing a pair of shorts. She is transfixed and singing “Hey Jude”.  Those “na na”s sure do go on for a while.


Trip to Disney World, Part 2

Feel free to take me on your next vacation. Your memories can too be art.

Another bus ride:


Toy Story and Star Wars lines:



Lunch time Hollywood Studios:


A Toon Town home:


Lots of fish:



Tomorrow, I will conclude my posting of select drawings from an artistic Disney vacation.

Trip to Disney World, Part 1

This past winter my family and I spent a week in Florida. Instead of taking photographs, I purchased one of the autograph books popular in the Disney theme parks. I filled it with drawings instead of character signatures.


I’m going to devote a few days worth of blog posts to this tiny book.  Here are some select drawings.

Standing in line:


Expedition Everest, a roller coaster in Disney’s Animal Kingdom:




Females in a crowd, waiting for show to start:


Another line:


Safari animal gestures:


Bus rides:



Pirate Restaurant:


It’s a Small World:


Tomorrow Land:


More sketches in tomorrow’s post.