Film Noir

Today’s Dr. Sketchy’s Asbury Park was Film Noir themed. Here are some of my watercolor sketches from the event.

Three ten minute poses:




Five Minute Poses:




And some two minute warm ups:


Star Wars Themed Dr. Sketchy’s

I haven’t updated in over a month, which is some sort of awful record. I won’t give excuses. Sometimes life just gets in the way of art.

Last Friday was May the 4th Be With You. There was a Star War’s themed Dr. Sketchy’s at Smithville’s The Underground. Our stellar models were Roxanne Mass and Sam East (aka Samantha Star).  Unfortunately, a glass of water was spilled, ruining some of my better pieces from the night. Here are some of the surviving paintings:


Dr. Sketchy’s Asbury Park

Here are some of my more successful sketches from Asbury Park’s Dr. Sketchy’s session. The gorgeous models were Tricia Pain and Krissi Horan. The theme was Soviet Takeover. Beautiful costumes, and lots of red!

Twenty minute pose with Tricia and Krissi:

Ten minute Krissi pose:

Five minute Tricia poses:


Five minute Krissi poses:



Two minute Tricia pose:

Dr. Sketchy’s South Jersey

I used to be a regular at Dr. Sketchy’s Philadelphia. Since my 2009 move, I have been slacking in my duties as an art monkey. Yesterday, I attended my first Dr. Sketchy’s South Jersey. It was held at the Artist’s Consortium in Millville. Our model was the bold and beautiful Chi Chi Rodriguez. It was an honor to work with Chi Chi, as she will be competing in Atlantic City’s upcoming Miss’d America Pageant.

Five minute pose:

Ten minute pose:

Two twenty minute poses:


Vinyl Toys

Lets celebrate this Sketchbook Saturday with a couple ink drawings of vinyl toys.

Kathie Olivas’s Brody from her The Scavengers series:

Peskimo’s Albie from Bamboo Zoo:

Once a Year

Last week, I was invited to the Romano/Pinto annual beach house karaoke night. These are the resulting gesture drawings. The most complete drawing is of the back of a seven year old girl wearing a pair of shorts. She is transfixed and singing “Hey Jude”.  Those “na na”s sure do go on for a while.



Another work from a Dr. Sketchy’s anti art class in Philly. Tonight I will be atteneding yet another Dr. Sketchy’s, so I hope you like burlesque. This model’s name is Kenti, and, surprisingly,  this is not the first I’ve worked with her. What a small world!

Corsetted Kenti. Charcoal and conte crayon on paper. 11″x17″.

Unframed: $50.00

Natural Purple

It’s not dyed.

Natural Purple. Watercolor on paper. 10.5″x14.5″ (26.7cm x 36.8cm).


Black and White Nude

I’m trying to get back to painting the figure properly. Here is the first of many watercolor studies.

Black and White Nude.  Watercolor on paper. 10.5″x14.5″.

Unframed: $45.00