Meet the Lobstermens

I present to you Habee and Sophia Lobstermen.

Am I sure the model for Habee was a male and the model for Sophia female? No.  But Habee and Sophia can’t tell either, because lobsters don’t see gender. All they see is angry.

Habee Lobstermen. Ink on cotton paper. 5″x5″.

Unframed: $100.00

Sophia Lobstermen. Ink on cotton paper. 5″x5″.

Unframed: $100.00

Coffee and Pie

Sorry to disappoint, but this is not a drawing of coffee and pie. It is a drawing of the view I had while enjoying pumpkin pie and two cups of coffee. I’ve taken to making little drawings of public places, like restaurants. This has always been a habit of mine, but lately I’ve been embracing it.

Pumpkin Pie and Two Cups of Coffee. Ink on paper. 4″x5″.

Unframed:  $50.00

Sushi for Lunch

This was drawn  at a local Japenese restaurant. I ate the sushi-for-one, option C.

Sketchbook Weekend

Sometimes sketchbook Saturday happens on Sunday. Both of these drawings were made in a parking lot while waiting to meet up with friends for dinner. Different parking lots, different friends, different restaurants.


Yesterday, I recieved two new sketchbooks from my awesome supplier.  Can’t wait to fill them.

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