Coyotes Mate for Life

This Sunday is Valentine’s Day. In celebration of the holiday of love and affection, I’m doing something a little different. I’m not buying flowers or chocolates. This weekend I am posting drawings of animals that mate for life.

Coyotes do not celebrate Valentines Day, but they are monogamous and show signs of affection for one another.  Today’s post is for all those canine couples out there. Enjoy your weekend.

Coyote Mates. India ink on cotton paper. 5″x5″.

Unframed: $100.00

Animal Antics

I’ve been into drawing animals lately.

Heads up: my red ink tends to scan as either more pink or more orange than it actually is. These drawings were made with red and black ink on white, cotton Stonehenge paper.

Good Morning, Gazelle. Ink on paper. 5″x5.”

Unframed: $100.00

Snowy Foxington. Ink on paper. 5″x5″


Oh, Brave New World

I’ve taken on the massive task of turning Auldous Huxley’s A Brave New World into a series of sequential illustrations. Right now I simply have piles and piles of concept art. Once it all starts making sense, you’ll be the first to see the results.

Here are some of my early ideas for Lenina Crowne:

The beginnings of her soma holiday at the reservation:

Here’s some sciency stuff to balance out her inherent nature:

Western North Carolina Nature Center

I spent the past few days in the beautiful mountains  of North Carolina. During my stay, I went to visit the Western North Carolina Nature Center.   Along the outer edges of the map provided I drew all the animals I saw (except the bobcat, which is odd as I love felines). Below is their map and my sketches.

Wolf details:

Alpaca details:

Should this piece sell, I will donate $100.00 to the Western North Carolina Nature Center. They are currently working to build a new veterinary clinic.

Western North Carolina Nature Center Map. Ink on paper. 8″x11″.

Unframed:  $200.00

Squirrel Watching

There are at least two squirrels in this one. I doubt more than one is findable.

Squirrel Wacthing. Ink, watercolor, and pen on canvas panel. 14″x11″.

Uframed: $65.00

Opportunity Knocks

This is my favorite part of my favorite well known fairy tale. I thought it would be a nice twist if I used a poison dart frog as opposed to the traditional warty toad.

Opportunity Knocks. Watercolor on paper. 9.5″x9.5″.

Unframed: $70.00

Prints available if requested.

Second Tree from the Right

This is to go with First Tree from the Right.

Second Tree from the Right. Watercolor and colored pencil on canvas board. 8″x10.”

Framed: $60.00

Unframed: $45.00

First Tree from the Right

I painted another landscape. It turned into a tree painting like the first, but I’m very happy with it. This one has an incomplete sibling. That’ll be another day. They are my first watercolor on canvas panel works.

First Tree from the Right. Watercolor and colored pencil on canvas board. 8″x10.”


Samara in a Drawer

Samara in a Drawer 1.  Ink on paper. 8.5″x3″.

Unframed: $30.00

Samara in a Drawer 2

Samara in a Drawer 2. Ink on paper. 4.5″x5.25″.


Samara in a Drawer

Samara in a Drawer 3. Ink on paper. 4″x6.75″.


Samara in a Drawer 4. Ink on paper. 6.75″x5.25″.

Unframed: $30.00

Samara in a Drawer 5.  Ink on paper. 6.25″x8″.


Samara in a Drawer 6

Samara in a Drawer 6. Ink on paper. 5.5″x4.33″


Today I inked many small paintings of my cat in a drawer.

Tree without Mulch


Tree without Mulch

The pictures of my watercolors are a little washed out. So, it looks like this with more vibrant colors and darker darks. Same goes for the turtle piece below, unfortunately. Other than that, my camera seems to be working beautifully at capturing my work.

This piece is fairly small and was done outside my apartment complex.

Tree without Mulch. Watercolor on paper. 6.33″x8″.


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