The Year Long Painting

This painting was completed almost a year to the day it was started. Remember this post?

April to April. Oil on Canvas. Approx. 16″ x 24″.

Framed and ready to hang: $750.00

Sand It All Down

This large oil painting was just sanded down and will be shortly painted over. I should have photographed it pre sanding, but I didn’t.


The only part I’ll really miss is the belly.


Soon this painting will become something so much better than it was.

Orange Masks

Think of “Orange” as a noun.

This is my latest oil painting. It is fairly large and quite beautiful. The textures are not fairly conveyed by the photographs.


some details:




Orange Masks. 47″x24″. Oil on canvas.

Unframed: $1,500

The Beginning

A terra rosa under painting. Starting a new oil painting is so exciting.


Un Stradivarius

This is my first completed oil painting under the apprenticeship of Jocelyn Tice.


Martha. 18″x14″. Oil on cavas.

Framed and ready to hang: $600.00

Finished the Oil Painting

This is the first in a series of oil paintings I hope to apply to galleries with. It is currently not for sale. It is based on a dream I had about standing up. The last image is to give you the idea of its size.

It is painted improperly on top of a painting of my sister screaming I made in college.

So, in many years a

large screaming face will become visable in the space including the back of the chair and directly behind

the emerging white face.

Scented Sunday

I remember very vividly the smells of many burning scented candles and oil paint.

Distance.  Oil on wood panel. 38″x24″. 2005

Unframed: $500.00

Sunday of Senitments

This piece is currently hanging in my living room.

Princes. Oil on Canvas. 48″x36″.  2005.

Ready to hang: $750.00

Time for an oil painting.

It is Sunday, so lets be nostalgic. I think this is the oldest oil painting I still keep in my portfolio. Before this one I knew I liked painting fabric, but I didn’t quite understand my passion.

Here are some details:

Still Life with Fabric.   Oil on canvas. 36″x23″. 2004.

Ready to hang: $500.00

Sentimental Monday?

I usually do this on Sunday, but lately I’ve been doing a lot of painting and not a lot of posting.  So, here are three older paintings on Monday instead of one on Sunday.

River. 26.5″x19″x2″. Oil on canvas.

Gallery Wrapped, framed, and ready to hang:  $700.00

Mountain.  25″x20″x2″. Oil on canvas.

Gallery Wrapped, framed,  and ready to hang:  $900.00

Cemetery. 14″x26″x2″. Oil on canvas.

Gallery Wrapped and ready to hang:  $600.00

All three: $2,00.00

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