Color Challenge, Orange and Blue

This was my first week participating in a Color Combo Challenge. The colors were “tropical orange and blue.”  Below is a watercolor self portrait created to meet the color requirements.

Tropical Orange and Blue. Watercolor and ink on paper. 6″ x 5″.

Unframed: $200.00

On another note, this is the last week to see my works over at Casciano Coffee Bar and Sweetery in Hammonton, New Jersey. Don’t miss it!

Moody Little Self Portrait

This little  drawing is reminiscent of the small self portrait on my profile page. It is five inches tall and three inches wide.

Sketchy Dames

I try to keep my sketchbook exclusively to drawings from life, but sometimes pretty women just slip out.




Super Sentimental Sunday

Awwww, look at college Jen being artsy! This is a self portrait done my first year at SCAD. Unfortunalty, this piece is not for sale due to damage taken during one of my many moves. A little insider info here, I made the hat myself. It also is life sized!

Self Portrait with Feather . Colored Pencil on Paper.  12″x36*. 2002.