NSFW means “not safe for work”. It is often used as a way to label images of naked people. I agree that nudes are not safe work. In fact, looking at anything that isn’t related to work while at work is not safe to be doing when your boss walks in. Even Hello Kitty is not safe for work. I do not agree with the fact that more art shows, galleries, and websites are refusing to exhibit depictions of nudes. The contemporary art world is becoming more conservative than the Catholic church. They’ve had public displays of nudes for hundreds of years.

The following images are NSFW, but they are safe for home, teenagers, and any toddlers you may have looking over your shoulder. You know why? Because they are art. Stop being such a fuddy duddy.

For Not. Watercolor and ink on cotton paper. 6″ x 5.5″ (15.2cm x 14cm).

Unframed: $100.00

Work. Watercolor and ink on cotton paper. 7″ x 5.5″.

Unframed: $125.00

Safe. Watercolor and ink on cotton paper. 6″ x 5.5″ (15.2cm x 14cm).

Unframed: $100.00

Freshly Painted

Sometimes, when I can’t sleep, I just lie in bed and worry about silly things that never seem to matter much in the morning. Other times, when I can’t sleep, I get out of bed and paint instead.

Midnight Issues. Watercolor, ink, salt, and worries on paper. 6″ x 5.5″.

Unframed: $200.00

Sleepy Nude

I’ve worked with a lot of models in my life. The one thing they’ve all had in common is they were tired. Something about staying in one position over an extended period of time makes the body shut down. It makes sense. Below are some drawings of a nude falling asleep. The majority of his poses were ten minutes long, some shorter.

Colorful Wake Up

The world is hazy when you wake from a day time nap. This ACEO tries to capture those first few momments of “where am I?” and “why am I?”


Bleary Eyed and Bushy Haired. Ink, marker, matte board, pen. 2.5″x3.5″ (6.4cmx8.9cm).



This ACEO sold the day I posted it. That felt nice.

Oldest Watercolor

This is a very poor image of the oldest watercolor I can remember doing. I don’t know where the original painting went, so it’ll have to do. I probobly painted it 2002-ish.

Green Acrylic

I knew within the five minutes of painting this that it would eventually get painted over. It’ll add some nice texture to a future acrylic painting. So, heres a quick, thalo green study of my cat. Maybe I’ll finish it. I don’t know. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow.


Samara in a Drawer

Samara in a Drawer 1.  Ink on paper. 8.5″x3″.

Unframed: $30.00

Samara in a Drawer 2

Samara in a Drawer 2. Ink on paper. 4.5″x5.25″.


Samara in a Drawer

Samara in a Drawer 3. Ink on paper. 4″x6.75″.


Samara in a Drawer 4. Ink on paper. 6.75″x5.25″.

Unframed: $30.00

Samara in a Drawer 5.  Ink on paper. 6.25″x8″.


Samara in a Drawer 6

Samara in a Drawer 6. Ink on paper. 5.5″x4.33″


Today I inked many small paintings of my cat in a drawer.