Roy G Fish

Only two more colors to go! My green betta fish.



Unframed: $200.00

Prints available in my etsy shop. 

Fish Sticks

My yellow betta fish kind of looks like Grump Cat.



Betta Fish

I’m enjoying painting betta fish. I’m thinking of painting one in every color of the rainbow, but historically speaking I rarely finish such endeavors.


Shopping in Paradise

It is hard to describe a trip to Waikiki without mentioning the shopping district. From ABC‘s to shopping malls, downtown Honolulu is covered in stores. Below is a painting of a shave ice stand tucked away in an alley by the beach.

The International Market is a bustling collection of  cart vendors, street performers, and outdoor shops. Tropical plants combined with the perpetually perfect Hawaiian weather make the whole set up beautiful. Please click to enlarge the following image as I don’t think the thumbnail does it justice.

Women’s fashion on the island can be summed by sun dresses and swim suits.

Where there is retail there are food courts. This Tiki Burger hut was charming.

This cat resides at my favorite restaurant on Oahu, Ramen Nakamura.

Two More Mermaids

I finished two more mermaids today. October and February. I know I’m doing June and another month next. I’ll take suggestions if you want to leave them.

October.  Watercolor, pen, and ink on paper. 5″x7″.

Print: $10.00

Original: NFS

February. Watercolor and pen on paper. 5″x7″

Print: $10.00

Original: NFS