Hanauma Bay

This is the fifth and final post about my fantastic trip to Hawaii.

Hanauma Bay Park is perhaps the most beautiful place I’ve ever been.

The day spent there was full of snorkeling, site seeing, swimming, and sun bathing. My drawings were quick as I was torn between enjoying the sunny activities and capturing the beauty with my pen.

Here are a few sketches of people I saw while on the The Bus riding to the bay:

The People on the Bus

I’ve always been fond of public transportation. Thank you, New Jersey Transit, for giving me the opportunity to draw the inside of one of your nice buses.


Trip to Disney World, Part 2

Feel free to take me on your next vacation. Your memories can too be art.

Another bus ride:


Toy Story and Star Wars lines:



Lunch time Hollywood Studios:


A Toon Town home:


Lots of fish:



Tomorrow, I will conclude my posting of select drawings from an artistic Disney vacation.